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Session Details

Online Short Films Screening + Abstract Conversations

Date: 22nd February, Wednesday


  • Screening at 9 PM;
  • Conversation with director at 10:15 PM


  • Aapka Amitabh (2018)
  • Antim Paath (2018)
  • Tat Tvam Asi (unreleased)

Director: Pallav Goel

About The Films:

  • Aapka Amitabh (2016; 20 mins)
    Starring Kumud Mishra, this film focuses on a man who claims that Amitabh Bachchan used to be his pen pal, and he has to prove to his friends that he is telling the truth.

  • Antim Paath (2018; 22 mins)
    This story revolves around the future where the country is on the verge of losing its mother tongue and the second language is ready to take its place.

  • Tat Tvam Asi (unreleased; 22 mins)
    This is an experimental film which deals with the Indian philosophy behind the mahavakya ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ in the Nasadiya Sookt of Rig Veda.

About The Director

  • Pallav Goel is an acclaimed writer-director who has worked as an AD and writer in films film and ads for several years.
  • ‘Aapka Amitabh’ was his directorial debut and it won several national and international festival accolades.

To Be Noted:

  1. Registration Fee: 100/- INR
  2. Once you’ve registered for the session, you’ll receive a confirmation email along with the payment details within 12 hours.
  3. There are no refunds in any case whatsoever.