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Who Are We?

The Abstract Room is one of India’s largest social communities which organises events around films, books, poetry, music, and anything ‘Abstract’! 

Film Screenings and Discussions, Book Discussions, Open Mics, Conversations with Filmmakers and Authors, Poetry and Music Jamming Sessions and everything about Pop Culture!

We conduct our events on Zoom and in cities like Mumbai, Pune and Surat! 

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Aapka Amitabh (& 2 others)

Session Date

22nd February, Wednesday, 9 PM

Frame 802


Poems, Stories, Music

Session Date

26th Feb, Sunday, 2 PM



Shadow Of A Doubt (1943)

Session Date

19th February, Sunday, 11 AM




Session Date

24th February, Friday, 10 PM



Tales From The Cafe

Session Date

28th February, Tuesday



+ Conversation with Abhishek Verma

Session Date

3rd February, Friday, 9:30 PM

What They’re All Saying

  • Confident, charismatic and expressive. These are few qualities reinforced in me through our talks. Basically, an online discussion group which feels more like a family, The Abstract Room is Vyasa’s gift of a new perspective on things.

    Anurag Bhambal
    Architecture Student, Pune
  • The Abstract Room reminds me of my literature classes that I terribly missed. I couldn’t be happier to be a member of a community growing so exponentially in quality and with so much sincerity. The brainchild of a dear friend, it was launched at the perfect time!

    The Abstract Room
    Radhika Saraf
    Economics Student, Mumbai
  • A place where I met humans that are now a part of my small universe. I’ve been with The Abstract Room for almost 8 months and have always felt like giving more and more of myself to it. It has helped me with my own profession and to be able to decipher every detail from a literary piece or a movie.

    The Abstract Room
    Siddharth Chhadwa
    MA English, Thane
  • I’ve been a part of The Abstract Room for 9 months now and I remember how in the initial sessions I felt lost and I was not able to exactly communicate what I had in mind. With more sessions and the constant support from the people in this community, I have not only grown intellectually but my articulation skills have also improved. And most importantly, The Abstract Community is more than what it might seem to be. It’s a family ❤️

    The Abstract Room
    Janani Pokkuluri
    Student at KMIT, Hyderabad
  • It’s been an exhilarating journey until now with the Abstract Room – discussing films, poetry,
    stories, art, music and other means of creative expression. The platform has introduced me to a host of different people who bring with them, their experiences, perspectives and ideas, hence giving me a chance to broaden my horizons. It’s been exciting so far, and I’m hoping to learn a lot more in the future.

    The Abstract Room
    Manaswini Pillai
    Literature major, Ahmedabad
  • I keep coming back to this place to be a weird yet honest version of myself. There’s a lot I get to talk about and even more that I get to listen to and I’ve throughly enjoyed every bit of it.

    The Abstract Room
    Avantika Bhandari
    MBA Student, Hyderabad
  • PORTAL OPENER – this little virtual room has opened portals for me. I’ve interacted with new people, gained exposure to new ideas and week after week fallen through wormholes of new genres and stories. It’s been quite the voyage.

    The Abstract Room
    Parth Jadeja
    Computer Engineer, Kota
  • Feels good to be a part of such a highbrow community. All the sessions have been nothing short of enriching. So much to take away from this community that turned into family in a jiffy!

    The Abstract Room
    Ananya Chatterjee
    Financial advisor, Mumbai
  • The Abstract Room is an astounding platform to explore new books, movies, poetry and most importantly amazing people! It was a blessing at a time when I almost lost hope of being able to meet new people and enjoy meaningful conversations during the lockdown. It gives you different perspectives on myriad themes and enables you to critically analyse and probe deeper into contemporary subjects.

    The Abstract Room
    Shivi Mehrotra
    Development professional, Lucknow
  • The Abstract Room is an amazing community of which I’m eternally grateful to be a part of. The community has been nothing but kind, patient and generous to me. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with and listen to many interesting, inspiring people. It continues to help me grow and discover new things. It has been the most wholesome experience.

    The Abstract Room
    Janvi Kansara
    BA Student, Mumbai
  • A lot of us say 2020 changed us, a lot of that change was induced in me through the abstract room. It is our safe haven which helped us grow through this year. The freedom of perspectives and The confidence for your opinions, makes it a win-win for all of us.

    The Abstract Room
    Kratika Wadhwani
    Masters in Finance, Mumbai
  • Joining The Abstract Room was one of the best things I did during lockdown. I found a family which I could depend on, share and celebrate my best news and rant my worst. And for the movies, I came out of my comfort zone, to watch the ones suggested and loved them.

    The Abstract Room
    Rashi Sultania
    Biomolecular Engineering, Baltimore
  • The whole experience of being connected at abstract room has redefined the way I approach art. It’s a platform of family banter without a doubt of sounding incorrect. It’s soft space of intellectual minds with amiable nature. It’s happy place.

    The Abstract Room
    Risha Sajid
    CA, Bhopal
  • For a movie buff like me, who watches everything I can get my hands on, discussing a film after I watch it was something I longed to do since forever. Not only did I find people who were just as thrilled by movies as me, but I also found a family, where I could openly discuss my ideas, perceptions and my thoughts. From being a person who never reads books to finishing 5 books in 5 months was a feat I’d have never imagined myself doing. I am grateful to have found such a loving community.

    The Abstract Room
    Sri Sailesh Meegada
    Engineering Student, Hyderabad
  • An enriching, enlightening and enigmatic experience is how I would describe this community. Meeting new people and having wholesome discussions with everybody is unknown to half of the world but happens every weekend here!

    The Abstract Room
    Urja Ghia
    Management Student, Mumbai
  • What makes The Abstract room unique is it’s a comfortable space where you can put your thoughts freely without any reservations.

    The Abstract room is a bunch of passionate and awesome people who will help you explore deep into your favourite works and make you love them even more!

    Hitesh Yele
    MA English, Nagpur

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